Research Projects / Petroleum Learning Centre
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Research Projects

Our multi-disciplinary research activity is driven by delivering real results in various areas of petroleum engineering and geosciences while working closely with business and industry

Geological exploration development strategy

  • Analysis and synthesis of geological, geophysical and seismic information
  • Hydrocarbon exploration
  • Hydrocarbon prospects estimation on the basis of seismic and geological data analysis
  • Interpretation of magnetic and radiometric survey

Oil field development

  • Field development analysis
  • Evaluation of field development effectiveness
  • Project scientific support

Project documentation

  • Hydrocarbon reserves calculation
  • Field development design projects
  • Project submission support (Russian State Commission on Mineral Reserves, Central Commission of the Federal Subsoil Resources Management Agency of Russia)

Geochemical analysis and core analysis

  • Standard and special core analysis
  • Evaluation of hydrocarbon source rock potential
  • Identification of oil, gas and condensate components
  • Assessment of ultra-low permeability rocks

Skills assessment services

  • Development of competence matrices
  • Job profiles design and evaluation
  • Professional and personal skills assessment
  • IT solutions for assessing skills, results collection and progress monitoring

Big data processing and predictive analytics

  • Development of automated search tools of reservoir analogs
  • Geology driven history matching system development